Maggie Knox is a creative arts incubator, residency and exhibition space curated and operated by Sarah MK Moody. MK is dedicated to supporting the work of women run projects in the arts through residency spaces, time, community, resources, exhibitions, workshops, happenings and more.

Little Haiti, Miami HQ Residency History (in rough chronological order):

Deon Rubi, Marilyn Rondon, Sarah MK Moody, John McMahon, the incubation of, Rosie Gordon Wallace with Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (DVCAI), Rontherin Ratliff (with DVCAI), Cristina Gonzalez and Ariella Mostkoff, Rondell Crier (with DVCAI), Gerard Caliste (with DVCAI), Elizabeth Newberry, Lauren Shapiro, Isadora Shamash, Nicole Salcedo.


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Special thanks to Claire Gyllian Knox Moody, Mary Margaret (aka Marge) Phister Knox, Benjamin Moody, Patricia Moody, The Sisters Knox + Cousins Knox + Knox Family, Nicole Salcedo, Isadora Shamash, Cristina Gonzalez, Ariella Mostkoff, Ciara Taylor, Sarah Klein, Dhavi Giotti, Tara Elizabeth Long, Monica Uszerowicz, Aja Butler-Burns, Rebecca Limchoy-Lee, Jessica Frietas, Oxynlia, Osom, Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, Little River Yacht Club, Little Haiti Country Club, EXILE Books, IIIPoints, Peter Gordon, William Grant and Sons, Sailor Jerry, Red Bull, Bardot Miami, Gigi, Marlee's Green Tea and Miami Spaces for their support, without you we would not operate properly.

A portion of sales benefit the Moody Fund for Sarcoma Research at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami

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