Maggie Knox Western is a contemporary arts incubator, residency, exhibition space and 501c3 non-profit directed and operated by Sarah MK Moody.

MKW is dedicated to supporting the work of projects in the arts through providing access to space, equipment, resources, community, and workshops.

We are based in Erie.

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Special thanks to Claire Gyllian Knox Moody, Mary Margaret (aka Marge) Phister Knox, Big Bad Bob, Ben and Patty Knox Moody, The Knox Family, The Moody Family, Nicole Salcedo, Elizabeth Newberry, Isadora Schwinn, Ashley Pastore, Patrick Fisher, Cameron Spaeder, Heather May Casper, The Bates family, Cristina Gonzalez, Ariella Mostkoff, The Newberry Moore’s, Tara Long, Dhavi Giotti, Jessica Frietas, Patty Suau, Rosie Gordon Wallace and Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, John Persinger, Josh Helmer, Sean Fedorko, TJ Richter, Mary Gamble, 419 Artifacts, Little River Yacht Club, Swampspace, EXILE Books, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and IIIPoints for their love and support.