Maggie Knox was pleased to present a wealth of work for Miami Art Week / Basel week December 2014. All works sold benefited Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center for the Moody Fund for Sarcoma Research. Work was donated for the month.

Sarah MK Moody curated a retrospective wall in honor of her beloved sister, Claire Gyllian Knox Moody. The show, "BE" (meaning Bald Eagle, CGKM's nickname post cancer diagnosis in 2012) shows photographs taken throughout their lifetime from the early days to present. Images are lovingly placed together telling the story and love of these two sisters. To see more images from the project CLICK HERE

Artists on view: Sarah MK Moody, Claire Moody, Cristina Gonzalez, Amanda Season Keeley, Lizzy Newberry, Sarah Newberry, Johnny Robles, Jessica Martin, Deon Rubi, Nikki Salcedo, Monica Uszerowicz, Bhakti Baxter, Aaron Hill, Andrew Kauffmann, Diego Guzman, Jessy Nite, Kathryn Chadason, Yuri Tuma, Diggy Lloyd, Deming King Harriman, Emma Rose Delray, Amanda Linares, Kristin Ross

for more information and images about #IHAITIBASEL see here