Grounding Self Care/Intention Setting (New Moon in Taurus)

Improving Our Quality of Life

The group will explore ways to implement contemplative strategies to improve quality of life, in order to be more available in our caregiving to self and others. We will explore the emotions that come up on this New moon and use them for transformation. We will complete a forgiveness exercise, so that we can clear ourselves energetically releasing what no longer serves us. Intention setting exercises, so we can bring to focus what we would like to shift and a gratitude exercise will align us with the vibration of letting in and allowing new opportunities.We will create deeper connections with ourselves and the people around us. Give ourselves permission to have some time out for self care. The Spiritually Aligned Female Collective Energy Gathers there.

Class is open to both male and female participants.

Please venmo to:

At the Door $25

For any questions, 754-777-9603

Please bring mat/blankets, paper/pen, bottled water and wear comfortable clothes. Come well rested/avoid any intoxicants and drink lots of water before the class.

About the Facilitator -

Heartstrings is a community organization project I began in order to share holistic & heart centered practices to help people learn to navigate themselves consciously in our fast paced world. Using formal instruction, initiations and personal experience to help the world find their heartstrings.

Hosts -
Maggie Knox Gallery

Maggie Knox is a creative arts incubator, residency and exhibition space curated and operated by Sarah MK Moody. MK is dedicated to supporting the work of women run projects in the arts through residency spaces, time, community, resources, exhibitions, workshops, happenings and more.