‘This very life energy… the same life force that brings the trees to flower, also drives the awakening of consciousness... neither deny nor suppress this life force, but use, control and direct it toward the goal of self-transcendence and liberation'


redew is a group show ritualizing a moment of rebirth, resurrection and renewal in the artists work and lives curated by Maggie Knox and Rosie Gordon-Wallace.

Opening Monday, November 30th, 5 - 11pm

through December 11, 2015

Happenings will be occurring in the space, please sign up to be on our mailing list and follow us @Maggieknox_


Artists on view:

Nicole Salcedo

Cristina Gonzalez

Elizabeth Newberry

Autumn Ahn

Veronica Gessa

Gesi Schilling

Monica Uszerowicz

Noelle Theard

Sarah MK Moody

Nicole Doran

Aisha Tandiwe-Bell

Groana Melendez

Rosa Naday-Garmendia

Sarah Krupp

Francesca Lalanne

SWETEonline by Emily Nam

Alexandra Velasco

ABA Jewels

limchoy lee

Deming Harriman


Angel Lauren

Delia Riveria

Diggy Lloyd


Press: 'Must See Shows in Little Haiti' via Creators Project, Vice


This exhibition is in partnership with Rosie Gordon-Wallace, Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator and help from Annie Berkowitz, &gallery + TRACTENBERG ///